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Hello Everyone!


I am proud to announce my new Gluten Free recipe book, Learn to Cook the Gluten Free Way, is now available via Amazon on eBook and paperback! You can also order a copy from Ebay, shipping worldwide!

I have spent over 18 months, experimenting, designing and mastering these recipes.  Each one individually studied and carefully created by me, from scratch!


All the gluten free recipes were created in a small, compact kitchen with minimal resources. No studio and no special lighting for the photographs so if i can do it, anyone can.

Inside, the book includes recipes from sauces, soups, desserts, pastries, sponges, tarts, traditional English dishes and afternoon teas!

I have dedicated my time into creating tantalisingly tasty, unique and fresh gluten free food for people following a gluten free lifestyle.

Suitable for all ages, especially the children!

For more information you can read the Introduction on Amazon.


To purchase the book follow the links below!


Stop saying “I WISH” and start saying “I WILL”


Liam Flaherty @ OMGluten Free


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