Merry Christmas Coeliacs

OMGluten Free wishes everybody a great Christmas and a Happy New year. Bigger and Better things are to come in 2013 for us and for you. Remember to Eat a Gluten Free Christmas and enjoy the festive spirit!


At OMGluten Free we are dedicated to providing support, knowledge and the ability to educate societies, communities and future generations on the affects of Coeliac disease. Being diagnosed is a difficult time, physically, emotionally and socially. You won’t be able to eat at certain places, types of food or drink certain alcohols. Using our website, you can learn from others, learn from us and unite people from all 4 corners of the globe. Gluten Free is not just for Coeliacs, its a great way to reduce bloating and is a very healthy diet. We would like to offer everybody a chance to help motivate and inspire people for today, tomorrow and the future! Help Support OMGluten Free!unite

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